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Saturday, 23 August 2014


FILA thanks the wrestlers, leaders and fans of wrestling for their passion in saving our sport in the Olympics. We are a Wrestling Family.


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Medical, Prevention et Anti-Doping

DUSSON Michel  FRA General Secretary
YAKSI Rodica Maria  TUR FILA Bureau Member
Dr ABAEVA Elena  UZB Member
Dr CHAHI Abdelghani  MAR Member
CHICA Catalina  COL Member
Dr DEMARS Marc  FRA Member
Dr FELDMAN Bernard  USA Member
Dr KLOTZ Christian  GER Member
MAHBOUBI Sadegh  IRI Member
Dr MASUJIMA Atsushi  JPN Member
Dr MEZAGUER Mehdi  ALG Member
Dr MOLNÁR Szabolcs  HUN Member
Dr NICHOLLS Michael  CAN Member
Dr SHADGAN Babak  CAN Member
Dr SIKIMIC Stevan  SRB Member
Dr STRUGAROV Stefan  BUL Member

Tasks and Duties
  • To set up a file of doctors of all National Federations which are active on the international level.
  • To appoint a FILA Medical Team for all Championships. This team will be in charge to see to the compliance with the sanitary rules, medical rules, etc.
  • To publish regularly all the last innovations regarding medicine and the wrestlers’ health for the use of FILA Doctors.
  • To write simple information on medicine and wrestler’s health for the use of the National Federations.
  • To supervise the doping control at FILA Championships.
  • To set up a group of experts to manage out fo competitions doping test.
  • To ensure that FILA’s commitments towards WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) are complied with, and to prepare the required information for the FILA secretariat.
  • To update the FILA Anti-Doping Regulations.
  • To prepare a book on the prevention of injuries.
  • To prepare a book on the prevention and damaging effects of doping.


 pdf International Journal of Wrestling Science - Vol. 2 March 2012


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