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Wednesday, 27 August 2014


FILA thanks the wrestlers, leaders and fans of wrestling for their passion in saving our sport in the Olympics. We are a Wrestling Family.


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Beach Wrestling

beach_wrestlingBeach Wrestling was codified by FILA at the Athens Congress in 2004 in order to bring together all forms of traditional wrestling styles practiced on sand and to make them more popular worldwide. In that perspective, two variations were considered - with and without belt - in order to ecompass the two major trends that structure traditional wrestling around the world. Beach Wrestling also aims at promoting the values of a fun, secure, accessible, and eco-friendly sport. 

Beach Wrestling is practised in swimming suit within a 6-meter sand circle and consists of very simple rules: 1 point to the wrestler who manages to bring his opponent to the ground or to push him out of bounds; 2 points to the wrestler who manages to pin his opponent's shoulders to the ground (fall). The first wrestler who scores 2 points wins the match. 

Beach Wrestling competitors are divided according to the following weight categories:

  • Men 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, +90kg and absolute category
  • Women 60kg, 70kg, +70kg and absolute category

Beach wrestling was introduced to the programme of the first Youth Olympic Games that took place in Singapore in 2010 and FILA intends to bring the discipline to the World Beach Games that will be organised by SportAccord as per 2012. 

Licence and insurance: The FILA licence is mandatory for all international Beach Wrestling competitions with more than two participating countries. Every international competition shall be anounced to FILA and added to its official calendar. The FILA insurance will only apply to competitions which appear in its calendar. The FILA licence allows its holder to take part in all wrestling styles ruled by FILA.

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