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Monday, 01 September 2014


FILA thanks the wrestlers, leaders and fans of wrestling for their passion in saving our sport in the Olympics. We are a Wrestling Family.


Circular Letters - Olympic Wrestling

Official letters sent to the National Federations to inform them of the decisions made by FILA.

pdf26.03.2013 - New price for the licences for cadet athletes

pdf 12.02.2013 - Participation to the 2018 Commonwealth Games

pdf14.01.2013 - Obligations to participate in World Champ. and Obligations for the Olympic Referees (Circular in Spanish here)

pdf30.11.2012 - New media coordinator

pdf 26.11.2012 - Information on the start of the University licence "Master" in Wrestling

pdf 13.11.2012 - 2013 Tournaments entries

pdf 09.11.2012 - Annual medical certificate (Circular en español)

pdfBlank example of an annual medical certificate

pdf06.11.2012 - Passport copy required for the candidates to the FILA auxiliary bodies

pdf 06.11.2012 - Circular testing pool 2013  

pdf 16.10.2012 - Olympic Solidarity Scholarships 2013 - 2016 for African countries

pdf 11.10.2012 - Candidacies for the Oceania Continental Council's elections 

pdf11.10.2012 - Candidacies for the American Continental Council's elections

pdf11.10.2012 - Candidacies for the European Continental Council's elections

pdf11.10.2012 - Candidacies for the African Continental Council's elections

pdf11.10.2012 - Candidacies for the Asian Continental Council's elections 

pdf09.10.2012 - List of 2013 Referees  

pdf25.08.2012 - Departments' Candidacies 

pdf11.07.2012 - Late replacement of an athlete at the Olympic Games  

pdf03.07.2012 - Advanced Schools for Coaches in 3 styles  

pdf 27.06.2012 - Miscellaneous information - Olympic Games 

pdf11.06.2012 - Wrestling rules for Referees at the Olympic Games 

pdf06.06.2012 - Whereabouts FILA testing pool - 3rd quarter

pdf01.06.2012 - Medical certificate

pdf01.06.2012 - Female wrestlers' hair

pdf 24.04.2012 - Mendatory FILA licence for cadets

pdf21.03.2012 - New price of the engagement fee

pdf22.02.2012 - Modification Rules

pdf07.02.2012 - Reminder to organizers : Medical Certificate

pdf20.01.2012 - Therapeutic Use Exemptions

pdf 03.01.2012 - Recommendations to Instructors : 2012 Wrestling Rules

07.01.2011 - Wrestlers' Singlet

07.01.2011 - Referes' Uniform 

31.01.2011 - Referees activities in 2011

25.02.2011 - Albanian Wrestling Federation

15.03.2011 - Wrestlers' Book

pdf01.06.2011 - Convening to the second Calendar Congress

pdf17.06.2011 - Convening to the 2011 Extraordinary Congress

pdf21.06.2011 - Submission of the bid documents to FILA

pdf15.07.2011 - FILA logos in official competitions

pdf05.08.2011 - New price of the engagement fee and licence

pdf25.08.2011 - Biometric data to enter the United Kingdom

pdf26.08.2011 - Reconnaissance du Kosovo

pdf02.09.2011 - International Referees

pdf22.09.2011 - Wrestlers' Singlet (2)

pdf23.09.2011 - 2012-2013 Calendars

pdf09.11.2011 - Official FILA email address of National Federations

pdf10.11.2011 - FS-GR FILA Advanced School for Coaches

pdf12.12.2011 - Amendments of Greco-Roman Rules

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