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Friday, 22 August 2014


FILA thanks the wrestlers, leaders and fans of wrestling for their passion in saving our sport in the Olympics. We are a Wrestling Family.

Pankratiasts of the Year


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European Championship in Brussels

brussels_pkThe Grappling, Pankration and Mixed Martial Arts European Championship was organised in Brussels (BEL) on 27-30 June 2012 and counted a record participation of 22 countries and 200 athletes. It was held at Palais du Midi in the city centre and was also the occasion for the delegations to enjoy the cultural and gastronomic offer of the Capital of Europe. The organisation was conferred to the Belgian Committee of Associated Wrestling Styles (B.A.W.S.) chaired by Mr. Carlo La Torre and member of the Royal Belgian Wrestling Federation. Despite its recent creation and limited staff, B.A.W.S. delivered a high-quality event with an innovative visual identity, the support from the City of Brussels through its Sport Commissioner, Mr. Bertin Mampaka, the participation of serveral sponsors among which Ice Watch, Performance, Gameness and Ataste that all gave prizes to the medallists, the broadcast on Beinsport, Life TV and GnP TV, and the use of the Dartfish video system that allowed a fast and effective management of the challenge replays and the upload of all videos on the FILA WebTV after the competition. The competition also inaugrated the participation of several new National Federations, that is: Germany, Georgia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium. Lebanon was also represented by Mr. Nadim Nassif, national spokesman, who took the international referee's exam.  

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Guam endorses the non-Olympic styles

guam_clinicGuam Amateur Wrestling Federation has recently taken formal steps towards the recognition of grappling, pankration, and combat grappling. The Federation appointed Mr. Melchor Manibusan to coordinate the development of the non-Olympic styles throughout the island and quite some work has already been accomplished. The first official clinic was held on 27-28 August 2011 under the supervision of Mr. Larry Papadopoulos, FILA Instructor and World Grappling & Pankration Committee member, who gave in-depth lectures on the various regulations, tournament procedures, refereeing systems, and on mat techniques. All participants from Guam and E.F. Micronisia highly enjoyed the course and are now ready to apply their knowledge to the national qualifier for this year's Cadet, Junior, Veteran World Championship. Guam will also compete with 4 athletes in the Senior World Championship that will take place in Belgrade from 29 September till 01 October 2011 and play an important role by hosting the 2013 Oceania Championship in all Olympic and non-Olympic wrestling styles. 


European Championship in Yuzhny

yuzhny_openThe city of Yuzhny in South Ukraine hosted the 2011 European Championship in Grappling, Pankration and Combat Grappling from 9 till 11 June 2011. The Championship was placed under the responsibility of the Ukraine Pankration Federation and its 1st Vice-president, Mr. Alexander Mandrik, also member of the FILA World Grappling & Pankration Committee. The organising committee offered optimum hospitality and competition conditions to the 180 athletes who all spent an unforgettable time in Yuzhny. The FILA President and Secretary General honored the event with their presence and used the opportunity to award the six 2010 athletes of the year, that is: Océane Talvard (FRA) and Maciej Polok (POL) in no-gi grappling, Karolina Zawodnik (POL) and Grzegorz Kloc (POL) in gi grappling, Galyna Mateichuk (UKR) and Oleksandr Vysotskiy (UKR) in pankration.

yuzhny_pkIf Italo Morello's team dominated the polydamas and palaismata demonstrations, the indivudal pankration tournament was led by the Ukrainian team that won no less than 10 gold medals. After his victory in no-gi grappling, Dmytro Baranov (UKR) repeated his performance and was placed at the top of the pankration world ranking as well. The Russian team came next in line with 3 gold medals and a striking performance of Ilya Batin over Oleksandr Vysotskiy (UKR), 2010 athlete of the year and winner of the World Combat Games. In women's pankration, Viktoriia Syniavina took the lead of the world ranking after her titles in Ukraine and Switzerland. Viktoriia displayed great talent throughout the competition by winning medals in grappling, pankration, and combat grappling. Consult the complete pankration results

The Championship was also the occasion for a World Committee meeting with the attending members: Mr. Raphaël Martinetti, FILA President, Ms. Anne Pellaud, Coordinator of the Committee, and MM. Italo Morello (ITA), Clint Kingsbury (CAN), Alexander Mandrik (UKR), Hideo Kamaga (JPN), and Lazaros Papadopoulos (AUS). The 2012 and 2013 calendars were discussed as well as the strategies to further promote our disciplines. The event pictures are available under each sport's section and the videos will soon be uploaded in the WebTV. 

FILA gives its appreciation to the Ukraine Pankration Federation and its President, Mr. Viktor Korzh, for its excellent organisation and awaits all teams in Belgrade for the 2011 World Championship.  


FILA broadens its anti-doping activity

Grappling and Pankration under FILA have experienced a constant growth over the past few years. Their success at the World Combat Games organised by SportAccord in August 2010 was a strong indicator of their current state of development. In order to further support their growth and make sure the principles of fairplay are applied at all levels, FILA decided to extend its joint efforts with the World Anti-Doping Agency to these two disciplines. In addition to the obligation of conducting systematic tests at the championships, 17 grapplers and pankratiasts were added to the FILA registered testing pool and will be bound to the same obligations as Olympic wrestlers (see the list). They will be required to inform WADA of their whereabouts for each day of the quarter and may be subject to out-of-competition controls at any time.  

FILA encourages all National Federations managing the non-Olympic styles to lead campaigns in view of raising awareness on the dangers of doping and instilling the values of clean sport to all their clubs. WADA developped an extensive range of didactic tools that are made available on its website at You will find a youth zone with various videos and quizes as well as the list of prohibited substances, now available as free application for iPhones. The athletes belonging to the registered testing pool can also access the ADAMS system to update their personal information and download Therapeutic Use Exemption forms in case of medical treatments comprising prohibited substances. 

Test your anti-doping knowledge by playing the quiz available in 24 languages!


2010 Athletes of the Year

FILA is glad to announce the awarding of the title "Athlete of the Year" to the pankratiasts who did an outstanding performance in 2010. The laureates were determined upon the results obtained at the World Championship, Continental Championship, and World Combat Games according to the point system adopted by FILA:

  • Pankration Men: Oleksandr Vysotskyi from Ukraine (52 points), Gold at the World Championship, Gold at the European Championship, and Gold at the World Combat Games.
  • Pankration Women: Galyna Mateichuk from Ukraine (33 points), Bronze medal at the World Championship and Gold medal at the European Championship. 

The award ceremony for the Athletes of the Year will take place on the occasion of the 2011 European Championship in Yuzhny.

As per 2011, FILA will implement a world ranking of all athletes competing in the FILA events with live update of their score on the FILA website. It will be a very powerful tool to use by the National Federations and athletes for their approaches to the media and sponsors. In order to encourage the participation in international tournaments and to avoid ties in points, 4 additional tournaments - called FILA Grand Prix - will be included in the world ranking. All National Federations and Committees can apply for a FILA Grand Prix if they want to see their tournament count for the world ranking. The best candidates will be selected by the World Grappling & Pankration Committee upon analysis of their bid. In order to stimulate the activity and further reward the athletes with cash prizes, FILA will also raise an annual fund that will be evenly split among the 8 Athletes of the Year in each discipline. More details on the world ranking can be found in the  Regulations for the Nomination of the Athletes of the Year .

FILA warmly congratulates the 2010 laureates for their great achievement and wishes plenty of success to all athletes who will enter the race for next year's nominations!


Second Hungarian Open

DSC_1050The 2° Hungarian Open in Grappling, Pankration, and Combat Grappling took place in Budapest on 06-07 November 2010. It was hosted by the Hungarian Grappling and Pankration Committee, led by Mr. Valer Papp, and placed under the supervision of Mr. Clint Kingsbury (CAN), Head Referee for the tournament. The competition was preceded by an international referees' course which offered optimum preparation for the tournament by covering the three sets of regulations and the proper refereeing techniques. FILA would like to congratulate Mr. Axel Fontaine (FRA) and Mr. Zeljko Vukovic (CRO) for having acheived the rank of Instructor and thank the 23 participants in the course for their excellent work: Grzegorz Artymiak (POL), Balasz Bakos (HUN), Nenad Bunoza (CRO), Ivan Filipchuk (UKR), Antonio Garcia Morales (ESP), Alaina Hardie (CAN), Roman Iakovenko (UKR), Jeri Ilkka (FIN), Valery Isichko (UKR), Hideo Kamaga (JPN), Anton Klenshev (RUS), Sami Koivumaki (FIN), Takanori Kuno (JPN), Jerry Kvarnstrom (FIN), Tero Märkinen (FIN), Marton Marhoffer (HUN), Shirai Masayoshi (JPN), Oleksandr Omelchuk (UKR), Srdjan Rokvic (SRB), Oleksandr Tomenko (UKR), Hiroaki Tsukamoto (JPN), Jere Vesato (FIN), and Gabor Vincze (HUN).

Special appreciation is given to Mr. Hideo Kamaga for his excellent performance as referee and for his continuous contribution as photographer. Mr. Kamaga is Head of the Japanese Grappling & Pankration Committee, an auxiliary body of the Japan Wrestling Federation and of the Japan Martial Arts Games Association, and member of the FILA World Grappling & Pankration Committee with the responsibility of promoting the non-Olympic styles on the Asian continent.

DSC_1060The second day of competition was dedicated to Pankration and Combat Grappling. The schoolboys division in Pankration was unilaterally won by the Ukrainian athletes with gold medals for Vladislav Toderash in 55kg, Dimitrii Rusu in 65kg, and Viktor Melnichenko in +65kg. The same pattern applied to the cadet and junior competitions with victories of Yanna Zanova in 55kg, Roman Skydan in 65kg, Yaroslav Isichko in +75kg, and Roman Agafonov in 90kg. The Russian athletes performed very well in the senior division with two gold medals for Timofey Nastyukhin in 70kg and Valeriy Smirnov in 90kg.   Results 


European Championship in Gorlice

DSC_0203The European Championship in Grappling, Pankration, and Combat Grappling was successfully organized by the Polish Wrestling Federation and the Polish Grappling Committee from 24 till 26 September 2010. The event was brought to the lovely town of Gorlice, in the South East of Poland, and was cheered up by several cultural events to present the region's traditions and heritage. The team leaders were for example invited to a classical concert given by the world-class pianist and native of Gorlcie, Mrs. Mariola Cieniawa, to celebrate the bicentennial of Fryderyk Chopin's birth. The President of the organizing committee, Mr. Grzegorz Brudzinski, put a lot of heart into making the participants enjoy their stay and discover his hometown. He notably arranged a craft fair with several artisans showing their ancestral knowledge and selling hand-made souvenirs and a very appreciated closing banquet with barbecue and drinks.

The competition was very professionally organized and suffered no logistic problems, except for the lack of referees that called for minor schedule changes on the second day of competition. FILA would like to thank the 9 referees present (namely Valer Papp, Zeljko Vukovic, Axel Fontaine, Lukasz Winiarski, Oleksandr Tomenko, Anton Klenshev, Valeriy Isichko, Yaroslav Isichko, and Zahar Polyak) who gave their best during 3 long days and Mr. Clint Kingsbury who actively worked to train and motivate them throughout the competition.

DSC_0686The pankration competition held on the second day saw a little change in the team ranking with Ukraine making first over Poland and France. To be noted the excellent performance of the Ukrainian athlete Oleksandr Vysotskiy who accumulated his third title of the year after having won the World Championship and Combat Games. The French new comer, Maxime Condemi, also performed remarkably well and won the 110kg division.   Results 

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