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Online licencing / Licences en ligne
Guidelines to licence purchase Print E-mail

1/ Language:

The Federation can select the language by clicking on the flag corresponding to the desired language.


2/ Identification

To renew or purchase licences, the federation must first go through the identification procedure.


The federation will be asked to enter its FILA email address and password.

Once identified, the federation can check its list of wrestlers and can choose which licences it wants to purchase.


3/ List of wrestlers
List of wrestlers
After clicking on “List of wrestlers” and then choosing the year in the pulldown menu, the federation can check its list of licenced wrestlers. The pulldown menu displays the licenced wrestlers for the two previous years and for the coming year.

The “Renewed” column shows whether a wrestler’s licence has been renewed for the following year or not.

By clicking on the printer, the federation can print a PDF list of its licenced wrestlers for the selected year.

From this page, several actions are possible:

  • a. Purchase a licence by clicking on the basket corresponding to the selected wrestler.
  • b. Modify a wrestler’s personal data by clicking on his/her name.
    Please note that some fields can only be modified by FILA. Any modification request shall be sent to FILA at the following address: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .
  • c. Add a wrestler
    The federation can add a wrestler by entering his/her personal data in the form. Please note that the fields in red must obligatorily be filled..

4/ Licence Purchase

The Licence purchase page allows the federation to check its basket and to cancel some licences by clicking on the bin.

This page also displays the total amount due in Swiss Francs for the licences in the basket.

If the federation confirms its order, a form appears requesting to select the language and to enter the email address to which the purchase confirmation will be sent (the federation’s FILA email is used by default). The total amount due is also displayed.

Then, the federation must click on « Pay » and enter its credit card data in the secure transaction system.

If the transaction is accepted, a purchase confirmation is sent to the email address with a copy to the FILA email address (text and HTML format). The purchase data is then recorded in the FILA website database.

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